Since EUGENE TOSCO was established in 1975,
we have led the professional kitchenware in Korea and extended a market share all over the country with the accumulated experience
and know-how for 41 years.Therefore,by providing various customers with a high-quality utensil,
we have been contributing to qualitative improvement of Korean kitchenware.

Apart from the professional kitchenware, expanding the range of business into home kitchenware,
EUGENE TOSCO with the exclusive service, quality and technology will not only guide a kitchenware market but also fulfill social and environmental responsibility of enterprise. Ultimately, we will try to gain the trust of customers above all things.



Aiming at a leader in the field of Kitchenware and being engaged in manufacturing kitchenware for
about 40 years, EUGENE TOSCO thinks that the first priority is the trust and the quality of products.

With focus on the researching and developing new kitchenware for human, we will also strive to create opulent cookware culture.

    • 1975 |
    • Established EUGENE service center.
    • 1991 |
    • Produced hard anodized pot and extended a market share.
    • 1999 |
    • Changed company name to EUGENE FAMILY
    • 2000 |
    • Relocated the head office to Nam Dong industrial complex.
    • 2003 |
    • Established EUGENE TOSCO Co., Ltd.
    • 2004 |
    • Made a deal with 3 large mart (E-mart, Homeplus, Hanaro Club)
    • 2012 |
    • Built the automation equipment system that carry out the process of surface treatment.
    • 2014 |
    • Launched a variety of professional and home kitchenware.
    • 2016 |
    • Renewed CI and BI of EUGENE TOSCO


In order to contribute to improving the quality of people’s life, EUGENE TOSCO have developed our own technology and the original design, based on “TOUGH STYLISH COOKWARE” which is the main value, since established in 1975. Because All products of EUGENE TOSCO are manufactured under the exclusive production system, they have high product maturity. Hence, they upgrade kitchen’s style and class.



    • Premium kitchenware line forprofessional chefsthat cook in a fine-dining restaurant, buffet and catering service.
    • Kitchenware line for chefs that widely make a dish in most restaurants and other franchise stores.
    • Premium kitchenware line for your home and kitchen utensil that anyone easily use in your house.



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Sales Network

Sales Network

Based on accumulated experience and technical know-how for 40 years, EUGENE TOSCO have expanded nationwide sales and made a sales contract with big market.

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Products of EUGNEN TOSCO
are exported abroad. Seattle USA, Vancouver Canada, Dhaka bangladesh, Malaysia and China.



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